that beautiful, amazing, musical click

I know I did a little FB victory update recently about Trevor learning to independently buckle his seat belt.

But the thing is…

I’m not sure that I fully captured how amazing this is for me!

Such a little thing. Buckling your child’s seatbelt. But it requires energy. And when you don’t have even a drop more to give that little thing can be crushing. There were many, many times when he’d unclip his belt. Being silly. Or cheeky. Behavioral. Sometimes even the rare innocent unbuckle. In those moments I would groan deep down inside. Maybe even sometimes I’d yell at him in frustration. Yell at him because I’d already spent up all of my energy and it was painful finding even that extra ounce to get out of my seat and walk around to rebuckle him.

So tonight. When we ran to pick up Jonathan’s van from the shop and Trevy innocently undid his seatbelt. Naturally, he thought we were all getting out. I saw him climbing towards the door and my first reaction was that inner groan because it was late and cold and I’m human and still not used to the idea that he can belt himself. But then I remembered…he can do this by himself! It takes awhile…several minutes, in fact. It’s a not-easy-struggle for him. All the motor planning and working around his vision loss and fine motor challenges. But he can do it.

So I instead of fussing I happy partied in my heart and turned on all the lights to help him see. Then I waited patiently until I heard the click. That beautiful, amazing, musical click.


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