reading and rhyming and miracles

Because of our life in ministry I have been asked often about “miracles”. Only our idea of miraculous usually isn’t unified. The miracles I see around me have a tendency to pull disappointed looks from those asking.

They’re wanting to know about amazing healing. Instead, I share the miracle of peace in spite of health issues, chronic or acute. They want to know about financial windfalls. Instead, I share about contentment no matter what the circumstance. They want to know about answered prayers in blasts of fireworks lighting up the sky. Instead, I share about the still, small movement inside our hearts that urges us to accept whatever the answer.

That’s not to say that fireworks don’t ever happen. I like fireworks too. Sometimes I’m humbled when I haven’t even thought to pray for something and yet…God.

For instance, Trevor is now the proud owner of an iPad air and a keyboard case. Someone unexpected in Trevor’s life came to me recently and shared that she would like to get Trevor an iPad as part of a grant. We just finished setting it up. I’m now using a free app called Fry Words to create Edmark lists for him. A firework miracle overlapping the less exciting miracle of Trevor slowly making reading progress through hard work, consistency and a dash of miraculous.

A little video of Trevy reading and rhyming for the ones who needs to see a miracle to believe it.


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