piano hands

Every summer and school break, I work with Trevy at home. We call it Mommy School. It’s enjoyment is highly debatable. This year, though, I think we both agree it’s J.O.Y. 100%.

Today I grabbed a quick clip of his piano time.

The Backstory:

For YEARS we have been introducing Trevor to the piano. We would try for a little while and then break from it. Try…break. Try…break.

Last summer, I started teaching him how to do his “scales”. These are not traditional scales and if you’re a piano purist it’ll probably make your skin crawl. But I needed to adapt for Trevor and since no professional pianists were stepping up to the plate to mentor him pro-bono…I took matters into my own hands. ::wink::

I call his scales “1-2-3-4-5”. Using isolated finger movement starting from Middle C, I guide him one hand at time, working up with righty and down with lefty.

When we first started this, I literally had to hold his hand and arm in place. I actually rummaged around online for an adapted mitt of some kind. In the end, it was just easier and cheaper for ME to be his mitt. I also needed to move his fingers for him. Particularly with righty. I was in the room, holding his body and I still believe I have NO idea how difficult it was for him to move each finger in isolation. I saw his hands tremble and then his body as he used every single ounce of energy to will that finger to move. It’s breathtakingly incredible if you have vision/knowledge to see. I will never get over the miracle of witnessing…with my own eyes (and heart)…the rewiring of his brain.

He did NOT master his “scales” last summer. He still has not mastered them entirely, though he no longer trembles as much.

This morning, when he noticed that piano was next on our Mommy School schedule, he raced to the piano and quickly played them independently. He then proceeded to play BOTH hands at the same time! WHAT?!?! I introduced both hands together MONTHS ago. One time. And never did it again because it was such a challenge for him. Now he’s initiating it on his own?


He let me snag a video clip of him playing this morning. Of course he didn’t play as beautiful on camera as off, but it’s still beautiful, if you ask me. Also, I don’t recommend being both videographer and piano teacher. Apologies if I make you dizzy. But I trust that in the end, he’ll make you smile!


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